What is Dreamie in a Bottle?

Dreamie In A Bottle was a long-running thought process of its creator, Claire, that finally came to fruition during the pandemic of 2020. After much reflecting, she came to the decision that her love for art and hands-on crafting was going to waste as a hobby.

Claire wasn’t satisfied with the prospect of spending the majority of her time in mundane jobs when she could be spending it making things that make people smile.

The concept of Dreamie is “think big but make it small”, so naturally miniature worlds with massive detail followed. Claire has always aimed at challenging herself creatively, and what better way to do that than going microscopic!

How we got here…

She started her online journey in 1999 with a fan website, dbz-pokemon.com, which she shared with her younger brother. Together they created various fan art and fan fiction projects until it was forced to close in 2001 due to a lack of time to dedicate to its management.

In 2005 she joined DeviantArt and began sharing her fan creations there instead, ranging from fiction to digital art.

By 2006, both Claire and her brother set up the website fanimation.com, where she shared animated gifs, made using sprites she had made herself. The site closed in 2007 when she no longer had time to work on the projects, having started university.

In 2017 Claire travelled to Japan and worked as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT), which would have lasted 5 years. She returned home early in 2019 due to family reasons.

Having spent the past few years reflecting on past experiences, Claire decided to return to creative work projects, no longer as a hobby, but as a career. In 2021, dreamieinabottle.com was made.

Who is Dreamie?

The little white ball of mischief. “Dreamie” enjoys adventure! One small world isn’t enough for this doughboy, he must venture out and discover more! Fortunately, I’ve managed to catch him and bottle him up for you, but don’t open! He’s a lot faster than he looks…”

-Claire, Founder of Dreamie in a Bottle

The character, Dreamie, was actually born during Claire’s stint in Japan as an assistant English teacher, where she would draw him on students’ work when marking. She would draw little scenarios of him interacting with elements on the page, often mischievous. Seeing the smiles on the students’ faces got her thinking, “hey, maybe there’s something here that people like.”

Claire decided to make this tiny doodle into something bigger, and so Dreamie in a Bottle was born!