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Dreamie in a Bottle creates so much more than just scenes in miniature glass bottles; we create unique jewellery, keyrings, charms, and more gifts for any occasion, using a wide range of materials and various crafting techniques, hand-crafted and painted meaning no two items will ever look the same.

Whilst all items are made differently, they all follow a similar process, starting out as a rough concept, be it a 3D clay maquette or 2D sketch on paper.
Find below a few of the many techniques we use.


Items inside the miniature glass bottles may be sculpted with oven-baked clay, which is reinforced with resin for greater durability with the additional benefit of giving it a stellar shine.


All items are hand-painted, using paints ranging from watercolours for paper, and acrylic for everything else.


The crafted object is carefully inserted into each bottle in layers, with resin applied to tightly lock the scene in place. The resin adheres better to glass and provides a smoother finish than using glues.


Applying a diverse collection of resins and pigments, in UV-resin and polymer; our resin-based jewellery is formed in layers to bring you the perfect combination of colours and effects.


Using professional 3D printing technology, we are able to provide a wide range of other items in different sizes. Access to biodegradable PLA filaments grants unlimited colours and finishes, which are also better for the environment.


Paper crafts, like our iconic floral bouquets, are made using a combination of cutting and folding techniques to give each flower its distinguished, authentic, look.


Prototypes are just like the first draft of a book, or a base sketch for a painting; it gives us a rough design to work from and to experiment techniques with. A design may go through several prototypes before we decide on what style works best for the product, and which techniques are the most effective. You can see prototypes of our roses below.

Creating prototypes can be time-consuming, and to help speed up this process Dreamie in a Bottle has teamed up with Zuperbuu Works to create digital models for us to use in 3D printing.
3D printed parts help us rapidly test a build for our miniature scenes, which in turn speeds up the prototyping phase.

Collaboration with Zuperbuu Works

3D printing opens the door for unlimited creative uses here at Dreamie in a Bottle, and the above example shows a polymer clay triceratops in a sleeping pose, which Zuperbuu Works then recreated in Blender to then print out the prototype beside it.

Whilst we do not actively use 3D printing in our final products, the potential is there for us to use the technology should we need to outside of prototyping. We are excited to see where using this technology may take us in the future, and the products we will be able to offer as a result.

Dreamie’s Green Pledge 🌳

Here at Dreamie in a Bottle, we strongly believe in protecting the environment. We aim to provide products that have been made and packaged with sustainable or recycled materials.

♻️ Our packaging is made from paper and card, that is fully recyclable or has been made with recycled paper.

🌽 All filament used in 3D printing here at Dreamie in a Bottle is 100% biodegradable PLA made using corn starch, which has been grown and manufactured here in the UK.

💚 Our business right now is small, and we plan to keep our eco-footprint small while we continue to grow.

Have any questions?

If you want to learn more about our products or wish to commission something directly from us, please visit the Contact Us page and drop us an e-mail! We look forward to hearing from you, and hope you enjoy our bottled dreams!

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